Sports Legacy Fitness


Other than the school programmes, our physcial fitness team also offers courses to a wide range of company and organisations.

Physical Fitness Activities and Courses


1. To improve people’s understanding of their fitness level through individual or group trainings

2. To enhance the communication and build trust within the group by participating in team sports and fitness competition


We promote exercising and healthy lifestyle. We offer easy physical fitness training to the participants, so it is easier for them to follow during the course and train beyond the course.


Course Content:  (can be customised)

Warmup, stretching, Fitness test, fitness challenge, group sharing, talk, sports trial, etc.


Duration: 5-6 hours (including setup, dismantling, test)

Location: activity room is recommended (provided by the participating group)

Recommended age group of participant: 18-65 (our team will adjust the intensity of the course based on the fitness level and age of the participants)




Phone No: 2504 8169 (Mr. Kwan)

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