Go Play Olympics!


In order to promote sports among youngsters and help them to develop exercise habit, we will expand our service to primary schools in Hong Kong by launching the 3-year “Go Play Olympics!” programme in September 2018, which is sponsored by Lee Hysan Foundation and the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation. We aim to have 30 beneficiaries in the following 3 years.



1. To develop students’ (Primary 3 to 5 students) interest in sports.

2. To provide sports training opportunities, explore students’ interest in sports and identify their athletic potential.

3. To help develop students’ exercise habit through fitness game.

4. To educate them the three major Olympic values—Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

5. To strengthen the coordination among coaches, principle and PE teachers.

6. To provide career opportunities and training for the retiring or retired athletes, to pass on their expertise.


Go Play Olympics 2-week Programme

1st week : We will have physical fitness test, including six test items, in the PE lesson.

1. Plank (Core Muscular Endurance)

2. Single-leg Stance with Eyes Closed (Balance)

3. Standing Long Jump (Lower Limb Power)

4. 6/9-min Run (Cardiorespiratory Endurance)

5. Hand Grip (Forearm Muscular Strength)

6. Sit and Reach (Lower Back & Hamstrings Flexibility)

We will deliver the booklet to students to record their test results and create their fitness chart regarding the result, so they can know more about their physical condition and their sports potential.


 2nd week: We will offer “Sports Trial” session, such as cycling, shuttlecock, skateboard and athletics, to the student to have a taste of different sports.


Other than the fitness activities, “Olympic Sports Exhibition/Expo” would be the most informative session of our 2-week programme, which shares the Olympic knowledge, souvenir and the Olympic sports equipment, such as the Hong Kong football team jersey. Coaches will also carry out Olympism education, including the Olympic history and spirit tot the school during morning assembly.

After school Sports Programme

We will offer after school sports sessions to the students, 1 to 1.5 hour per session, to each beneficiary and these will start right after the 2-week programme.

Sports Experience Fun Day

The Sports Experience Fun Day will be held in second term every year. There will be parent-child fitness game, sports experience and Olympic sports exhibition. Details to be confirmed.