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  • Promoting Physical Fitness: Sports for Hope Talent Search Fundraising Day

    Hosted on 25 and 26 November at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai, the Sports for Hope Talent Search Fundraising Day proved to be a huge success in promoting physical fitness to the public.

    On the first day, Sports Legacy Scheme's coaching team served more than 250 primary school students in the Talent Search Programme, which included six different physical fitness tests, and used it to scout potential student-athletes. Based on the result, the students were introduced to the NSA Sports Station to enjoy free sports trial.

    Fitness Challenge and Team Challenge were held on the second day. 14 corporate teams, ten school teams and a team from Construction Industry Council had been invited to compete with each other. The teams wowed the crowds with their impressive performance.

    Sports Legacy Scheme believes that regular fitness training is good for health and sports-specific development. We hope to encourage participants to engage in regular exercises to improve their fitness.

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  • 2017 Olympism Camp - SLS Physical Fitness Test

    2017 Olympism Camp was successfully finished on 19th - 21st July at the Tai Tam Scout Camp. A special combination of participants was arranged this year including elite athletes, student athletes and other student athletes from Sports Legacy Scheme (San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School, S.K.H. Li Ping Secondary School, Hong Kong Sea School and Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School). Olympism Values including "Excellence", "Friendship” and "Respect" were educated through interactive games, team activities, sharing sessions, anti-doping and media relations workshops over 3 days camp. Sports Legacy Physical Fitness Test was delivered to the student athletes on the final day which aimed to enhance the understanding towards their personal physical abilities strengths and weaknesses and plan for improvement in specific sports training. Both elite and student athletes enjoyed the camp and learnt & inspired from each others.

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  • SLS Athlete Coaches Training Class - Physical Fitness

    Initiated by Sports Legacy Scheme (SLS), the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China conducted a “Sports Legacy Physical Fitness Assessment Course” on 26th April, 2017 for the SLS athlete coaches. The course covered the content and objectives of “Sports Legacy Physical Fitness Test” and enriched the skills in test operation as well as the knowledge of the physical fitness. 

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  • SLS Coaches Training Class 2

    The  "Physical Fitness Training Series" - "New techniques in core training" was organized in late September for Sports Legacy Scheme coaches. Mr. Derek POON, instructor from Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China, introduced the relationship between core training and prevention of sports injury in a sports science perspective. At the same time, updated core training theories and application by simple equipment were introduced. Coaches found the course useful and created an insight for their future training.


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  • SLS Coaches Training Class 1

    In order to maintain high quality of coaching, Sport Legacy Scheme has scheduled 2 training classes on 11th and 12th August at Olympic House. The 2 classes were “Applying counselling skills for sports coaching in school settings” by Dr. Michelle CHUI and “Positive coaching” by Mr. Sam WONG. Coaches found the classes were useful and enhanced their confident in handling different types of students in the coming academic year.


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  • 《YOUth Power 童力動與想》- Positive Sports Energy

    In order to provide opportunities for low-income kids to experience the happiness of sports, the Hong Kong Disneyland, jointly organized by J Life Foundation with Sports Legacy Scheme, initiated the project of《YOUth Power 童力動與想》. 30 kids from low-income families in Sham Shui Po were invited to join this meaningful activity. After a grand launching ceremony held on 25th June at Hong Kong Disneyland, 4 days of sports interest class were followed by.


    Before the start of the class, each of them were endorsed to be the ”Little Athlete” that signed with “Friendship”, “Enthusiasm”, “Courtesy” and “Obedience”. 6 SLS coaches YEUNG Chui Ling, YUEN Siu Lun, Kevin OR, WONG Chun Yue, Ronald Yan and Air CHEUK prepared a series of experience classes for them. During the classes, they had the chance to experience Fencing, Physical Fitness, Shuttlecock, Soccer and Baseball training. They love the sports and felt sports create happiness!


    An Ambassador Sharing and Award Ceremony was held on 5th August to recognize the kids’ perseverance and participation. We hope each “Little Athlete” will actively participated in sports and training to become a future Sports Star!

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  • Sports Legacy Scheme Summer Training Camp – Experience and changes

    The Sports Legacy Scheme Summer Training Camp was held on 13th - 14th July at Hong Kong Sea School with 60 students from the SLS soccer team, windsurfing team and canoeing team. Through team building activities, friendly matches, Night-talk with coaches and career guidance sharing, students learnt the quality to be a "good" leader and to experience "excellence", "friendship" and "respect".

    During the 2 Days 1 Night Camp, the windsurfing team has a chance to teach the canoeing team for windsurfing skills, while the 4 soccer teams were having friendly tournament. The coaches were inspired by their "Friendship before competition" attitude and showed sportsmanships throughout the tournament. After an excited penalty shoot-out, CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School was the champion of the friendly tournament.

    Through the team building activities and friendly tournament in the Summer Training Camp, students recognized the importance of cooperation and communication in a team. In order to achieve higher performance in the coming inter-school competitions, they set different goals and we hope all of them achieve good results!

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