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GO Play Olympics!

SLCL launched the GO Play Olympics! in September 2018 with the generous support of our strategic partners and sponsors, Lee Hysan Foundation and Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, to create happiness for the children and enhance their physical and mental development through sports.

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1. To develop students’ interest in sports.
2. To provide sports training opportunities to students
3. To provide opportunities for the students to explore students’ interest in sports and identify their athletic potential.
4. To help develop their exercise habit.
5. To promote the three values of Olympism.
6. To promote schools’ sports development
7. To provide career opportunities and training for the retiring or retired athletes, to pass on their expertise.

Programme Activities

Physical Fitness Test

Students are to work through six tests, including:

1. Plank (core strength)
2. Single-leg stance with eyes closed (balance)
3. Standing long jump (lower body power)
4. Handgrip (forearm strength)
5. 6/9-min run (cardiorespiratory endurance)
6. Sit and reach (Posterior chain flexibility)

To evaluate their fitness level and match the sports according to their fitness level.

Sports Experience and Promotion

We also offer the trial for multiple sports to each school, such as Karatedo, softball, athletics, etc, so the students can have a taste of different sports, explore their interest and potential in sports and sports potential.

Olympic Sports Exhibition

The exhibition panels with the information about Olympic Sports and related items, such as football team jersey of Hong Kong, China delegation and Olympic Torch and souvenirs, will be delivered to schools to promote the Olympic sports knowledge and arouse students’ interests in sports. The digital version are also provided to the schools as well.

After School Engagement Programme

Each school are entitled to two sport courses of after school engagement programme, where students try the sports with longer training time from coaches to develop their sports potential and exercise habit.

Sports Experience Fun Day

The Sports Experience Fun Day will be held in second term every year. There will be parent-child fitness game, sports experience and Olympic sports exhibition.

Beneficiary Schools of Go Play Olympics!

C.C.C. Kei Wai Primary School
Chi Hong Primary School
Christian Alliance H.C. Chan Primary School
Christian Alliance S.Y. Yeh Memorial Primary School
CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung School
Father Cucchiara Memorial School
Free Methodist Mei Lam Primary School
Fuk Wing Street Government Primary School
Good Counsel Catholic Primary School
HHCKLA Buddhist Chan Shi Wan Primary School
PLK Fong Wong Kam Chuen Primary School
PLK Horizon East Primary School
PLK Siu Hon Sum Primary School.
PLK Tin Ka Ping Millennium Primary School
PLK Vicwood KT Chong No.2 Primary School
Po On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary School
Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School
Sha Tin Wai Dr. Catherine F. Woo Memorial School
Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee Kung Yik She Primary School
Shatin Tsung Tsin School
Shek Wu Hui Public School
SKH Lee Shiu Keung Primary School
SKH Tseung Kwan O Kei Tak Primary School
SKH Yautong Kei Hin Primary School
SKH Yuen Chen Maun Chen Jubilee Primary School
Sung Tak Wong Kin Sheung Memorial School
The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad Primary School
The Salvation Army Tin Ka Ping School
Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School
Tsuen Wan Chiu Chow Public School
TWGHs Tang Shiu Kin Primary School
TWGHs Wong See Sum Primary School
W F Joseph Lee Primary School
Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School
YLPMS Alumni Association Tang Ying Yip Primary School

(in alphabetical order)