Corporate Projects

Hang Seng Bank


SLS and Hang Seng Bank Limited co-organise a series of sports activities to improve the well-being of their staff by improving their sense of health, educating them sports skills and knowledges, and helping them develop an exercise habit. 

Programme Period


  1. To improve the sense of health of their staff
  2. To educate them sports skills and knowledges
  3. Help them develop an exercise habit
Target Group

Staff of Hang Seng Bank Limited

Programme Activities

Online Sports Courses

The SLCL has been providing online sports courses during the collaboration period. A series of online Olympic Sports talk, including cycling, canoe, gymnastics, karatedo, table tennis, athletics and sports climbing, was organised in last summer to introduce the sports and engage the staff in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Another round of courses, fat burning, muscle gain and mobility workouts, are organised in the first half of 2022 to encourage their staff to stay healthy while working from home.

Gym (Wellness Corner) Instructor Service

The SLCL coaches also stationed at the gym (Wellness Corner) at Central head office to organise orientation and provide coaching service, such as introducing