Corporate Project

Prudential Hong Kong Limited


With the financial support of the Prudential to the collaborative project, Prudential x SLCL Community Sports Programme, SLCL organized a series of activities to promote sports to the public and the staff of the Prudential.

Programme Period



To promote sports to the public and the staff of the Prudential.

Target Group

The public and the staff of the Prudential.

Programme Activities

Virtual Velodrome Kick-off Ceremony

Mr. WONG Kam Po and two SLCL’s coaches attended the event as guests to promote the upcoming cycling competition, “PRURide Sixday Hong Kong”, which engage hundreds of people to the ceremony.

VIP tour for PRURide Sixday Hong Kong

Mr. WONG Kam Po and coach Lai Oi Yan organised the tour to introduce the event, the sports of cycling and the velodrome to dozens of VIPs.

62nd Festival of Sport Carnival cum Opening Ceremony

A promotional booth was set to provide fitness test service and fitness challenge to the 1,099 participants.

Business Opportunity Presentation

Mr. WONG Kam Po, Deputy Manager (Programme Development), was invited to attend a Prudential seminar, “Business Opportunity Presentation”, on 24 September 2019 as a guest speaker. During the seminar, Wong, like some of the other guest speakers, shared his life-changing story, addressing his athletic career and lessons he had learnt along the way before an audience of some 200 insurance professionals.

Fitness Test Workshop

A fitness test workshop was held on 27 September 2019 at the Prudential headquarters. Mr. WONG Kam Po and the fellow coaches went through the physical fitness test with the staff of Prudential. They shared some health tips, such as Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight management, to improve staff’s understanding about their fitness level and health status.

Mid-distance Running Workshop

The project arranged a mid-distance running workshop for the staff of Prudential. Mr. LAW Leong Tim and Mr. CHIU Wai Chun, former Hong Kong triathlete, were appointed as the coaches to share experience and inspire participants to run properly and safely.

Promotional Videos

Two series of fitness training videos were filmed during pandemic to encourage people to participate in physical activities in a safe manner. In the series of “Office Workout”, Mr. WONG Kam Po, Ms. Jessica Hester HSUAN, a celebrity and SLCL’s coaches shared fun office workouts to show the joy of sports. Another video series, “Check in and Workout”, Mr. WONG Kam Po and Mr. LAW Leong Tim, former Hong Kong triathlete, demonstrated some fitness exercises at attractions around town to showcase the Hong Kong landscape and encourage people to workout anytime, anywhere.